The following work shops are designed to teach new time saving techniques, try new labor saving products and perfect your sewing, quilting and serging skills,  some through projects and others through samples. Although some classes cover the same skills, each is used to demonstrate how it applies to the specific class project. Projects/classes can be tailored to your group’s needs. For more information, feel free to contact me!

Machine Know How Series

Machine Know-How Basics - Do you have a brand new machine or an old faithful? Learn to use it to its fullest from basics to buttonholes, blind hems to sewing on buttons. We'll walk you through your machines particular stitches and settings. Many tips and tricks for sewing, mending and quilting. Open to all brands and ages of machines. 3½ hours

Machine Know-How Basics Plus - Let's go beyond the basics - Learn what to do with all those stitches. We'll use wing and double needles, try some elastic techniques, an easy zipper, maintenance and a lot more. 3 hours

Machine Know-How - Embellishments: Some call it embellishment, some surface work but everyone calls it interesting. Spice up your quilts, pillows and wall hangings with trims, decorative threads and stitches, yarns and more. Create samples for your reference notebook. Even if you don't own all of the specialty feet, I'll have mine with me to demonstrate. 3 hours

Machine Know-How - Specialty Needles: Today needles come in so many styles and sizes. We'll use some of the more unusual needles to see the wonderful things they can do: doubles, wing, top stitch and triples. We'll use decorative threads like metallic, rayon and heavy cottons and wool to create pintucks, entredeux,twin and triple decorative stitches. 3 hours

Machine Know-How - Machine Maintenance: Time for that spring-cleaning! Learn the proper care and feeding of your baby. A clean machine is a happy machine!Maintain and trouble shoot problems on your machine.  Clean, oil if needed, and make minor adjustments. Learn how a stitch is formed and how typical problems develop. Bring your questions, problems and samples. 3 hours.

Machine Know-How - Hems and Edges: This techniques class covers many useful,decorative and fun edges and hems to finish your projects with a flourish!Scallops, picot, decorative piping, hemmer foot, mock cover stitch, polar fleece sports binding, blanket stitch binding and "sew" much more.This class is a wonderful overview of sewing machine feet and techniques. 3hours.

A Potpourri of Techniques and Project

Quilting Technique classes

Quilt As You Go - There are many ways to deal with the bulk of machine quilting. Learn some of the creative ways quilters have come up with to solve this problem. Preparation, products and techniques will get you quilting those larger quilts. Nine different options are covered and kits are provided. 6hours [Can be shortened by eliminating some methods]

On the Edge - Includes edge preparation, different types and widths of bindings,piping, prairie points, scallops and even a fun "coin" edge. Tips,tricks and, of course, new products! This class is all about the many options for quilt edges, and perfecting your techniques. [Kit Available] 6 hours.

Applique Options - Techniques, Tools and Threads: This workshop will give you many answers to common applique questions. We will sample and compare various fusible brands, try different weights and types of thread, use other up-to-the-minute products to give you professional results the easy way. Learn how to turn corners, make better curves, and what stitches will work besides regular zigzag. You'll leave with a notebook's worth of information. 6hours   (Fusible Products/Threads 3 hours)  (Applique Methods/Techniques 3 hours).

Project Classes

Traditional Quilting / Modern Methods - This sampler incorporates many of the products and techniques I discuss in my Favorite Products, Tips and Techniques Lecture. Triangles on a Roll, No Waste Flying Geese, Heirloom Applique, fabric preparation, how to get perfect sized blocks etc. Just techniques - 3 hours or a project - 6 hours.

Zippered Patchwork Bag - A trendy, uncomplicated bag with a quick and easy zipper insertion [can be adapted to many bags]. You can add quilting or machine embroidery as an option. [Kit Available] 3 hours

Large Bargello Tote Bag - Learn an easy Bargello method, reversible strip quilting, strip prairie points, bound seams and easily sewing over thick bulky seams. Totally pre-cut kits are available in many colors. 6 hours

Heirloom Applique Pillow - "Needle turned look" applique, two-colored strip prairie points, my easy zipper technique and how to prevent"dog-eared corners" just like a professional. This easy applique method uses new products and techniques that help everyone to get expert results. [Kit available] 3-4 hours

Strippy Stars Table Runner - The stars appear as if by magic in this very easy technique. Strips from light to dark make your star shine. Your choices of colors give this runner a totally different appearance. You won't believe how easy it is! 3 hours

Place-mats a Plenty - Make a variety of these easy but interesting place-mats [or tiny quilts] while using different quilt techniques.

Flip and Stitch Quilt-As-You-Go square in a square version      2 hours
Blanket stitch applique with mitered band edge                          2 hours
Piped edges and handy silverware pocket                                2 hours

Bargello Table Runner - This Bargello table runner is a breeze to make using a serger or sewing machine. The intricate looking piecing works up really fast and is very forgiving with no seams to match. The borders are sewn using the reversible quilting methods so that no additional quilting is needed to keep the layers together and its reversible! The binding is double fold with mock-mitered corners and a beautiful angled join. 3-4 hours

Sew What! - Crazy about quilting? Stuck on a sewing project? Hung up on home decorating? Mad about mending? Come in with whatever your project is and I'll help you through with tips, tricks and machine techniques to make it complete.  Embroidery machine, sewing machine and serger owners, now is your chance. This is the perfect class to start a new project and don't know where to start, to get help with a technique or to complete something you're stuck on. Open Sew - Student's choice.

Home Dec

Pillow Talk - The perfect finishing touch for all those beautiful quilts are pillows using leftover quilt blocks, scraps or co-coordinating fabrics.Learn the secrets of Home Dec pros, the easiest way to insert a zipper, how to avoid dog-eared corners and perfecting piping and ruffles. You can make a pillow or just practice the techniques. 3 hours


Embroidery at It's Best - Embroider like the Pros. Industry tips and techniques that we all can use. Open to all brands of embroidery machines. This class is a combination of lecture/demo of all the newest and/or better choices in stabilizers, toppings and embroidery aids and hands-on practice on difficult/problem fabrics [i.e. terry, velvet, knits, hats etc.] You're welcome to bring your own problems, difficult fabric/project, and questions. 6 hours.

Serger Classes

Serger Basics : Learn-the basics of operating your serger and the special techniques it requires for successful sewing. We'll cover machine parts and settings for techniques such as differential feed, corners, ribbing, hems,rolled edges and more. Great start for new owners or a wonderful review for anyone. 3 hours.

Serger Reversible Quilting - Make a large baby/lap quilt with this fun, fast method. Try a square in a square or log cabin version. Sergers make this go so quickly you'll want to make two. [Regular sewing machines also] 3-4 hours

Serger Test Drive - Come in and take a serger for a test drive! For anyone who has wondered what sergers can do or those thinking of a more user-friendly model. We'll be making a beautiful pillow that includes reversible quilting,ruffles with rolled edges and a zipper [yes, zipper!] You can also bring your own serger. 3 hours

Serger Holiday Table Linens - Create a set of holiday napkins and tablecloth or place-mats for your table. Using some of the wonderful prints and co-ordinates for all seasons and holidays, we will tackle rolled edges, turning corners, decorative threads choices, and easy place-mat edge options. You'll have custom made for a fraction of the cost of store bought. 3 hours

Serger Two-Thread - We will concentrate on the many and varied techniques you can do with only two threads: Flat locks-fringing, elastics, lace joining, blanket-stitch, faggoting, attaching pearls, etc. 3 hours.