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Promoted Instructor for Sew Steady / Westalee Rulers                                          508-237-1793


The following workshops are designed to teach new, time saving techniques, try new labor-saving products and perfect your sewing, quilting and serging skills, some through projects and others through samples. Although some classes cover the same skills, each is used to demonstrate how it applies to the specific class project. Projects/classes can be tailored to your group’s needs. 

Machine Know How Series - Tailored to the needs of the group

Machine Know-How Basics - Do you have a brand-new machine or an old faithful? Learn to use it to its fullest from basics to buttonholes, blind hems to sewing on buttons. We'll walk you through your machines particular stitches and settings. Many tips and tricks for sewing, mending and quilting. Open to all brands and ages of machines. 3½ hours

Machine Know-How - Machine Maintenance: Time for that spring-cleaning! Learn the proper care and feeding of your baby. A clean machine is a happy machine! Maintain and trouble shoot problems on your machine.  Clean, oil if needed, and make minor adjustments. Learn how a stitch is formed and how typical problems develop. Bring your questions, problems and samples. 3 hours.

Westalee / Sew Steady Rulers Workshops

Easy free-motion! After a few basics to get everyone started, then the fun begins! It’s like bowling with “bumpers”, the rulers keep you on track as you create many classic designs. Hundreds of templates available from feathers to circles to great border designs. We all can quilt like the pros.


Westalee Sampler Set Workshop – Basics from attaching your ruler foot, adjusting it for proper height and set-up tips and recommended products. Then we explore some of the different patterns available with your Westalee Sampler Set. Leave with a confidence and knowledge base to start quilting real quilts without the hours of practice!

Full Day Recommended [half day would be less rulers covered]


Westalee Rulers – Feathers & More…Beyond the Basics Once you’re comfortable with the basics let’s try Feathers, Borders, Mini-Fills, Spin-E-Fex and more… Bring your rulers plus I’ll have a variety available for you to try. Learn the tips for these amazing rulers which help you create professional looking quilt designs without the years of practice.

Full Day Recommended [half day would be less rulers covered]
Many more Westalee project-based classes available

Quilting Technique Classes

 How to Quilt any Quilt on Your Home Machine - There are many ways to deal with the bulk of large quilts when machine quilting. Learn some of the creative ways quilters have come up with to solve this problem. Preparation, products and techniques will get you quilting those larger quilts. Nine different options are covered. Most quilts can be done using one or more of these methods so your quilt can be done with a size you can handle easily.

[kits are available] All Day [Can be shortened by eliminating some methods]


Ruler Round Robin – How many rulers do you own that you haven’t used yet? The demonstrators make everything look so easy! Have you wanted to try a ruler without buying it to make sure you like it? Your group will select from a large list of popular rulers we’ll work with in the workshop. The amount we’ll cover will depend on the length of the workshop as well as the rulers you’re interested in. We’ll have stations set up for each type. Everyone can try one of my rulers or bring their own. You’ll learn all the tricks, tips and products to be successful and not frustrated!

Kits available – Half or Full Day workshops


On the Edge - Includes edge preparation, different types and widths of bindings, piping, easy prairie points, scallops and even a fun "coin" edge. Our newest technique is a fabulously easy mitered border with scallop flange. Tips, tricks and, of course, new products! This class is all about the many options for quilt edges and perfecting your techniques.

[Kit Available] 6 hours. [Can be shortened by eliminating some methods]

Exploring Appliqué Products & Techniques [includes Quilter’s Select & Apliquick products and techniques]- Techniques, Tools and Threads: This workshop will give you many answers to common appliqué questions. We will sample and compare various fusible brands [many new products!], try different weights and types of thread, use other up-to-the-minute products to give you professional results the easy way. Learn how to turn corners, make better curves, and what stitches will work besides regular zigzag. You'll leave with a notebook's worth of information. [Kit Available] 6hrs for complete class (Fusible Products/Threads 3 hrs) or (Appliqué Methods/Techniques 3 hrs).

Project Classes

Traditional Quilting / Modern Methods - This sampler incorporates many of the products and techniques I discuss in my Favorite Products, Tips and Techniques Lecture. Triangles on a Roll, Flying Geese products, Heirloom Appliqué, fabric preparation, how to get perfect sized blocks etc.

The building blocks of a good quilter are those sometimes simple, sometimes more involved, but always important details that make your project come out just right. For new quilters or those who’d like a review of the basics from fabric preparation, fabric marking, rotary cutting issues, “The Perfect ¼” seam, piecing pointers, perfect flying geese, the “oh so versatile” ½ square triangle, mock-mitered binding corners and the easy invisible binding join. Modern methods make the process so much easier. Everyone will learn something new! We’ll make a small project to practice our techniques.

Just techniques - 3 hours or a project - 6 hours. [Kit available]