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Pixie Tape Removable Adhesive Tape 1in x 20yds

Pixie Tape is a paper crafter’s dream come true!
This easy release, removable tape doesn’t leave any adhesive residue behind and peels cleanly without tearing paper yet is durable enough for a wide range of creative techniques.
It’s ideal for anyone who stencils, die cuts or uses an electronic cutter.
The pale pink color is not only cute but also translucent to help with precise placement; the tint also makes it easier to see against white cardstock.
Pixie Tape’s pressure-activated micro-adhesion formula is perfect for paper crafting and a winning addition to our Pixie line of temporary adhesive products!

Good for paper piecing , patternmaking, temporary holding of appliques, markers and notes. Keep those rolls wrapped tight, those containers sealed

tight and so many other uses.
Color: Clear
Use: Adhesive Tape
Size: 1in x 20yds

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