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Birdie Bird Batting 92.5 x5 yds

Birdie Bird Batting 92.5 x 5 yds

No more pinning! No more basting! No more glues! Go from layering to quilting in minutes! Birdie Bird Batting is a revolutionary new batting that is a must-have for quilters! It features a layer of 100% cotton batting & 100% cotton flannel - stitched together into one product. Due to the adherent quality of the flannel, this single product eliminates the need for any pinning or basting. Quilters love Birdie Bird Batting for the ease, quickness and time saved without sacrificing the quality they love! Birdie Bird Batting is 92.5" wide. Machine wash cold., Tumble dry low., 3% shrinkage., Stitch up to 10" apart.

Instructions for use:
1. Do not pre-wash backing fabric*
2. Lay out backing with wrong side up
3. Place the flannel side of the batting on the backing fabric and smooth out any wrinkles
4. Place quilt top on batting and smooth out any wrinkles
5. Fold up 6" to 10" and continue to smooth out fabrics by running hands along the folded edge
6. Continue folding and smoothing until you have done this for all yardage
7. You are now ready to quilt!
Pre-washed fabric can be used - just use caution while quilting to prevent any slippage

Made of: 100% cotton batting & 100% cotton flannel
Does Not Contain Scrim
Space between stitches: Up to 10in
Loft: Low
Washing/drying instructions: Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low.
Best use: Birdie Bird Batting is a one-of-a-kind, time-saving batting that requires no pinning, no basting and no glues that allows quilters to quickly and easily sandwich quilts in minutes.