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Cozy Strip Club - Intertwined Pattern

Intertwined - A Cozy Strip Club Pattern Designed for 2½" Strips by Daniela Stout

It's amazing what you can do with just strip fabrics and borders!
With just handful of 2 ½" strips and the tube technique, you can complete this striking quilt in no time at all.
It is one simple block twisted and turned to create the intertwined effect with popping pinwheels.
So grab your favorite strip bundle and get going!

As a bonus feature, we have included the fabric requirements you need if you want additional yardage for the pinwheels.
This is particularly helpful if you want to use pinwheel fabrics that contrast your strip bundle and really pop!

This great pattern is made even easier with Cozy's Strip Tube Ruler!
Also can work with the Creative Grid 90degree Double Strip Ruler with a few adjustments.

The pattern includes instructions for:
• Baby
• Lap
• Throw
• Queen
• King

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