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CLP Easy Peasy Placemats with Pockets

Easy Peasy Placemats with Pockets by Merry May for Cut Loose Press

Want to add a touch of class to your décor or make a gift in less than two hours? This set of placemats uses the pre-cut Bosal placemat forms as a base which adds the body and crisp shape to your creations.

The side pocket provides a place for silverware and a napkin – perfect for a windy day picnic. Wouldn’t these be the perfect hostess gift for a pool party or buffet? What a great addition to a make it/take it series of classes. Or include it in a mother/daughter class over summer break - a fun, easy project!

(4) 18in x 13in.
Creative Grids CGR24 is recommended.
Project Time: -2 Hours.
Fabric Type: Yardage Friendly.
Project Type: Home.