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SewSlip II


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Sew Slip II - Make your free-motion projects just glide across the bed of your machine!

This 12" x 18" Teflon "slider" sheet with grippy back is bigger than other competitors but at an affordable price. 
The rectangular hole measures 1" x 1.5" to allow the feed dogs to work so it can be used for regular sewing as well as free-motion sewing. .
This allows sewing with difficult fabrics such as leather and pleather, minkee, flannel and fleece, as well use of the walking foot for gliding large quilts while stitching in the ditch.

P.S. I've also used this Sewslip sheet as a "back-up" press sheet just make sure to put the grippy side down against the ironing board and block the hole with a piece of parchment.It can be used with your fusible projects and will withstand up to 500 degrees F. Your home iron only gets to around 350 degrees F, so it is safe to iron on it.

When the grippy silicone side gets full of lint, threads, and/or cat hair, hold it under a running faucet, rinse clean, pat dry and you are ready to work again!