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Building Blocks of Free-Motion Quilting

Building Blocks of Free-Motion Quilting - From Lucky Spool
By Kathleen Riggins

Learn to create the most popular basic steps—one design at a time—and combine them into complex renderings of blue-ribbon quilting

In no time at all, Kathleen Riggins takes you from simple quilting designs to stunning custom quilting combinations. Explore everything from the simple swirl to feathers to pebbles, as you learn not just the basics of each design but also how to combine free-motion quilting motifs into complex-looking custom quilts. Knowing some basic designs is one thing, but knowing how to combine them in interesting ways can open a whole new world—without having to learn new designs! Join Riggins as she walks you through some of her favorite ways to combine designs and helps you create stunning quilts. Whether you are working with large spaces to fill, sampler quilts to separate by block, or sections of quilts that achieve different emphasis, you’ll learn it all!

Pages: 128
Author: Kathleen Riggins
Publish Date: 05/05/2020
Dimensions: 8.5in x 0.65in x 10.5in