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My Favorite Tips, Techniques & Products - [* denotes product made in USA] as of 11/4/2020

**Sew Steady Black Anniversary Table – 18 x 22 Black Acrylic table with Free Polish Kit and Face Mask Templates.

* Grid Gliders – Several versions and sizes a great multi-use slider sheet!


Quilters Select Self Erase Marker has a built in eraser, doesn’t heat set, last for 1-7 days

Bohin Extra Fine Mechanical Pencil – A favorite! 5 lead colors available. Eraser included. Replacement eraser now available.

Roxanne Pencil Sharpener - Sharpens 2 styles of points, fabric and paper.

Bohin Chalk Pencil Set– many colors, chubby chalk can write on batting, screening and other difficult fabrics, removes easily

Frixion Fineliner colors available – Like other Frixions it “becomes invisible” with heat but this felt-tip marker is so much smoother to mark with.

MarvyAir Erasable Marker - Disappears in a few days, doesn’t heat set.

Chakoner Japanese Tailoring tool, precise chalk wheels we refill with *Ultimate Iron Off Chalk using the handy empty spout bottle.

*DM Quilting Marking Tools- Prepare fabric, quilt blocks and borders with exact alignment markings with the Basic Marker 4″x12″ or Basic Marker 12″x12″.


Quilter’s Select – Rulerswithunique non-slip coating andself-healing, multilayer, 2 sidedMatsthathave on each side two sets of corresponding numbers placed around the perimeter of the ruler and read left to right and right to left – never lose your place or have to count backwards! Plus, the hefty 45mm Deluxe Rotary Cutter[and now a 60MM Deluxe Rotary Cutter] is left or right handed and has a unique and easy magnetic blade replacement that means you’ll never drop a blade again!

Limited Time SpecialsQuilters Select Anniversary Tool Special

Quilters Select 5 Quilting Ruler Pack with Free Patterns

Quilters Select Starter Tool Kit

*Creative Grid Specialty Rulers: Kitty Cornered Ruler, Log Cabin, Curvy Log Cabin Options, Pineapple,Pineapple Mini, 60 Degree Diamond, Cat's Cradle options. New sizes, new tools, new patterns! Also a Face Mask Template!

Precision Rotary Cutter includes a 14mm Ultra-Small blade for Precision Cutting. Ergonomic and comfy grip. Works right or left handed. Marking edge tool. Perfect for Appliqué!

Ruler Aids:

Grippyfrom Odif is the perfect coating to prevent slipping on all your rulers and tools. So many other uses – rugs, hangers, crafts and household items.

*GEasy Sticker options- 3 sheets of 64, one each- Turquoise, Pink and Lime Green and now the Fiesta colors – orange, purple and red. Removable without residue. Can be reused for marking rulers, cutting mats and more.

Quilters Select Ruler Handle - Lifts and positions rulers or quilting templates without damage to fingers!

*Marti Michell Deluxe Corner Trimmer and Marking toolMarti Michell Deluxe Corner Trimmer and Marking tool – a “quilter’s Swiss Army knife”, eliminates bulk in corners, mark corners for y seams, confirm 6 angle sizes and more.

Sewing Machine

*ViVilux Sewing Light - Get super bright lighting exactly where you need it. Tiny LED's pinpoint light in a super small package. Direct the light EXACTLY where needed. Also, a clipis available to put it where you need it.

Needle & Thread Aids:

Schmetz Non-Stick needles a nonstick surface that ensures less adhesive residue sticks to the needle. Extra-large eye is great for embroidery, prevents skipped stitches, & Velcro.

Sench Needles– spiral eye for easy threading, perfect for burying your thread ends in quilts.

Bohin Desktop Needle Threader You won’t believe how easy it’s to thread most needles size #1 to #11, also has a thread cutter and magnet for easy needle pick-up.

Clover Embroidery Threader - Has a unique "Flat Tip" design for easy and smooth threading even with thick threads.

Clover Darning Needle with Latch Hook – Great to pull narrow elastic through casings and elastic adjustment locks for face masks or to repair knits.

*The Hookey Serger Seam Hook - This nickel-plated hook makes it quick and easy to lock serger seams.

SewTites - are a way to pin when you can’t! Magnetic pins for sewing super thick materials, like leather or cork, or pieces that aren’t near an edge, like pockets on bags. Now in different sizes and shapes.

Clover Magnetic Pin Cushion with cover Designed with a groove for easy pick up so you won't get stabbed. And the best it has a cover!


Glass Head pins - don’t melt and are usually better quality [size matters!] Glass Head Pins Options

Flower head pins can lay flat under rulers, - Flower Head Pins Options


*Sew Steady’s Westalee free-motion quilting rulers Westalee Work KitsYou can free-motion perfect patterns the first time you use these rulers. Stop sending all your quilts to be long-armed.

DM Quilting Rulers Donna McCauley is a Sew Steady Educator who some great templates - Winding Ways, Puzzle Pieces and more.

*Crosshair Marking Tools - 5, 6 and 8-point plus mini versions. 8 ½” or 12 ½”, square blocks, find centers, diagonals or “compass”, points without continuously moving the ruler.

Swan Amity Quilting Gloves - Breathable materials, touch screen sensitivity, a padded palm to keep your hands and wrist support, and two open fingers to provide tactile sensation.

Ironing/ Pressing:

Free Fuse Powderfrom Quilter’s Select - Creating a semi-permanent bond between most fabrics, battings and textiles, this sprinkle on powder is needle friendly and easy to use.

* Bo-Nash ironing mat  Allows steam to pass through. Perfect for embroidery and all stabilizers. Press without crushing or flattening fibers and threads. No damage to delicate fabrics. No scorching, no dark fabric shine. 100% heat safe. One of our all-time favorites!

*Marti Michell Batting tape Options - joins batting pieces together, less stretchy and wider than most. Comes in two sizes. Use Ironing Mat to press.

Clover Hot Hemmer & Hot Ruler - Measure, mark, and press; straight hems, round, interior and miter corners. Heat resistant, press directly on the hemmer with dry or steam iron.

Special Tools & Aids

Circle & Straights Tool for perfect sewn circles, check out the  “Trim The Tree” pattern.

* Calling All Geese Trim Tool - 8 sizes+2 squares = 4 finished perfect geese every time! 

Clover Point 2 Point Presser– Several “turning” point shapes, finger press seams, and it’s a Hera marker as well.

Olfa Precision Scissors- These scissors can accurately cut up to 6 layers of fabric

Select Wave Applique Scissors’ - German Grade Stainless steel blades, wave design separates and lifts fabric guarding your base fabric. Unique double point.

Quilters Select Glue Pen with Refill - Specially formulated for fabrics, applies yellow and then dries clear, creating a temporary bond while the fabric remains pliable.

*Roxanne Squeeze Bottle– Still our favorite applicator! Water soluble, holds extremely well, precise applicator, refill available

*Pillow Corner Template- creates tapered square or round corners fast with a rotary cutter, no “dog-ears.”

OdiCoat- This liquid gel provides a waterproof quality and sheen to any fabric or paper. Transparent and odorless, acid-free and solvent-free. Once applied the fabric can be sewn, cut, hand or machine washed. Dries in 30 minutes to the touch and will be completely dry in 12 hours. Can also be used as a glue.

Quilters Select Cutaway Fusible- Use for stabilizing T-Shirt Quilts, bias cut pieces or simply to keep blocks from moving while adding sashing or borders.

Select Appli Stick - Unique webbing has a fusible on one side and the other a light sticky coating, making your fabric moveable! Reposition as needed then fuse into place. The convenient printable sheets make complex appliqué patterns a snap!


Select Appli-Web & Appli-Web Plus - is an ultra-lightweight permanent fusible web. Its unique flexible nature maintains the hand of the fabric with no bulk! It’s needle friendly; a silicone nonstick or parchment pressing sheet is recommended for use during the fusing process. The Plus has a paper-backing.