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Event Details

Emma's Quilt Cupboard - Westalee Quilt a Real Quilt! Event

When: Sep 23, 2023
From 9:30 am to 4:00 pm
Where: Franklin MA
Contact: (508) 520-0234
Details: Come join us for a 2 day Westalee Event! 

Let’s Quilt a Real Quilt! [Putting your Westalee rulers to work.]

You’ve done plenty of “practicing” on little quilt sandwiches; now’s the time to work on a real quilt with seams, sashing, borders and real-world scenarios. Using a simple, traditional-type quilt, learn how to plan and pick your designs, deal with normal quilt issues, getting around corners in the borders and whatever else happens when you quilt. None of this is very difficult it’s just the next step and knowing the tips and tricks will make it go more easily for you. This is for all levels – we’ll plan your quilt with that in mind.

Day One – Getting Ready - first borders, learn how to “turn” the corners with your ruler design, plan and adjust the fit of your border choice, plus pressing, layering, auditioning and choosing your designs and marking. All to be ready and able to “Work On A Real Quilt!” on day two. 

Day Two – “Work On A Real Quilt!” where we apply all the knowledge and practicing we’ve done. A real world experience where we’ll deal with questions and issues as they come up and actually get this quilt quilted!

 If you own the rulers, this is for you to actual start using them on quilts, not just practice sandwiches!

Call the store for more info - 508-520-0234 or e-mail Adele at if you have questions