My Favorite Products, Tips and Techniques

A fast moving, fun lecture & demo on a wide variety of topics. From sewing machine aids to specialty threads, applique tricks to no-waste flying geese. We'll solve problems, learn to save time, eliminate trouble and make sewing more enjoyable. For more information, contact me!

Traditional Quilting with Modern Methods

We take a traditional quilt and breakdown the parts with tips, techniques and products to make it easier to sew and achieve expert results. Triangles on a Roll, No Waste Flying Geese, Heirloom Applique, fabric preparation, how to get perfect sized blocks, the perfect 1/4", etc.

Sewing Machine Magic

What your machine can do for you -if you let it! Learn how to work with it not against it. Discover about all the special feet, machine accessories and built-in options available to help you do your best.

Needles and Threads

From basics to specialty needles and threads that can solve problems, create interesting effects and help achieve the perfect stitch. There are so many styles&types and sizes/thicknesses of each available today. We'll take the mystery out of what, when and why to use. Also included: solving common stitching problems, various aids to stitching and getting a perfect 1/4" seam.

Quilt As You Go Techniques

There are many ways to deal with the bulk of machine quilting. Learn some of the creative ways quilters have come up with to solve this problem. Preparation, products and techniques will get you started quilting larger quilts. See workshops for hands on version.


There are many other topics if you are looking for something specific. Lectures are good for learning about new things but I believe "hands on" adapts the best to all learning styles.